Before the fog rolled in…

A quick post today. ย The weather has been miserable and wet for the last few days and so no opportunity for outside shots and heaps of other things going on. I did manage this one just at sunrise on Friday after a heavy frost, the valley had filled with the mist and looked a promising day (the reality was that a really heavy fog rolled in just after and it was overcast for hours!)

sun rise bore paddock

15 Responses to “Before the fog rolled in…”

  1. Steve Scott

    most of us wouldn’t remember the last time we saw sunrise across a field, especially one so well captured as in your lens. Thank you Lisa. (I’m setting my alarm earlier)

  2. Adrian Lewis

    Beautiful – I particularly like the shadows this side of the line of trees. What a fresh and beautiful place you live in! A

  3. infraredrobert

    Yes, it’s no fun when life gets in the way of shooting ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful shot, I can almost smell the freshness of the air.

  4. PatCallahanPhotography

    Excellent! I don’t know how I missed this shot on the original post.


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