A forest in the sand…

When I first saw these seaweed impressions left in the sand they struck me as looking like bare trees in a forest, or an art nouveau frieze.  I decided to convert it to mono to bring out the contrast a little more, as even though the impressions were quite deep, the light was comparatively flat.

sand tree1

A post note!  My husband has looked at this and said he thought water had made the pattern as it drained back out to sea – so I may have assumed the wrong artist, not seaweed!!

19 thoughts on “A forest in the sand…”

  1. Yes Ron, Lisa has never produced an ‘average’ photo. Although I think she did this fantastic image with a pencil and paper.

  2. Beautiful picture, really like a pencil sketch – and for me, when any photo starts not to look like photography its getting somewhere. Once more, without your narrative I’d be lost as to what this photo shows.

    And, geologist that I was, I think your husband may be right about the origin of these marks. For a start, if these are seaweed impressions, where is the seaweed now? But they are very fine and intricate, and you’re certainly right about them looking like bare trees. Adrian

    1. Thanks Adrian. Yes I agree about the water – I guess I wrongly assumed as they are so intricate and plant like and also there were large clumps of kelp further down towards the water line. The wonders of nature 🙂

  3. I saw these same patterns on a beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I am posting pictures of the trip (Thanks for the like) and will post the pictures of these patterns when I get to that part of the trip. They are fascinating!

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