First steps into the Milky Way….

I haven’t done any night time photography since my days in film (a LONG time ago) and have never attempted stars, so here is the first up.  The new moon has presented a few nights of breathtaking displays of the Milky Way, so last night I attempted to capture it..what a steep learning curve, and all exposures too long and hence the start of star trails but can’t wait to have another go.  I decided to share this as the image still portrays what a tiny, minuscule spot we are in the beautiful grand scheme of things…

milkyway wp
Looking south east towards Mt Macedon


14 thoughts on “First steps into the Milky Way….”

    1. Thanks Robert! Next time I’m after the stars sharper – in a larger view than this they have started to create trails. It was a good night for it – very warm and still 🙂

  1. That’s a great start indeed, Lisa! I’ve only tried it a few times since switching to the digital medium right around the turn of the millenium, with varying degrees of success. If I don’t expose long enough, not enough starlight reaches the sensor to register adequately. If I really push the ISO up, I get so much noise it’s hard to dell it from the stars, and it takes a lot of painstaking micro-cloning, only a few pixels at a time. But when the results are good–as with yours here–how rewarding it is!

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