Split personality….

Being Australia Day today I went out to one of my favourite places – Nulla Vale, very early this morning.  At best it is a harsh landscape but in early morning facing east it seemed even more so.  This is a cleaved rock in which I saw the outline of two faces…Processed using a red filter.


13 thoughts on “Split personality….”

    1. There are heaps of very interesting granite outcrops in this area and many look as if the have been intentionally shaped into some of their forms – for a photographer it’s a bit like being a child in a sweet shop!

  1. I swear, you must have some filters built into your eyes that instantly distill potential pictures into captured images even before you draw your camera. Sharp shooting! …and yes, good pair of heads. I’d like them in my garden thanks.

  2. Easter Island…in Victoria……the relevance to the political concerns that always accompanies Australia Day…or am I stating the obvious?? But certainly makes your image extremely significant for me!! And of course it all becomes a comment expressed in visual poetry…the strength of the image…the strength of the sentiments…..Fantastic!

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