All in a whorl…

Hello everyone 🙂  It has been overcast, windy and drizzly for what seems an age and so I seem to be in macro mode at the moment.  This is an unusual Chrysanthemum flower from a local florist.  It has bi-coloured petals (a dark cream and light burgundy colour), light on one side and dark on the other, with a wonderful texture and a beautiful whorl at the centre.

chrysanth b&w
Click in for detailed view

18 thoughts on “All in a whorl…”

  1. Beautiful and intriguing image, and probably all the better for being in mono >>> and dear old Blighty is not faring much better with the weather – a long range forecast has us in for a wet “summer”!!! 😦

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I’m glad you like the conversion in good old SEP2. I hope your summer improves, it’s starting to get cold here, I’m waiting for the frost and photos!! 🙂

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