An autumn bloom…

Autumn is the time for fungi which I love, but it has been very dry here so the fungi are not as abundant as usual.  We did have some rain last week and so I searched through the pine plantation and did find a few.  This one was upside down, broken by some creature – I was drawn by the texture of the decaying gills and the numerous tiny bugs feasting away – the wonderful cycle of nature 🙂

Click in for more detail.


20 thoughts on “An autumn bloom…”

  1. as always Lisa, you’ve caught an image that is passed by most as nothing but made it beautiful.

  2. Here is summer weather, it came suddenly after a long, wet and cold spring (and the calendar says spring still, I know).
    I love your abstract photo here!f

    1. Yes the seasons are odd here too – instead of sunny skies for autumn it has been windy, dry and overcast but at least now we’ve had some rain. Glad you liked it 🙂

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