Impressions of the wind…

Something of a bit of an experiment today. Β  A couple of weeks ago we had a day where the wind was averaging 75 kph (47 mph) with frequent gusts well over 110 kph (68 mph). I watched the tops of these gum trees which have newer growth being bent sideways in very harsh sunlight and was fascinated by the almost painterly like strokes they created as they moved back and forth.

As always click for larger view.

28 thoughts on “Impressions of the wind…”

  1. I’d call the experiment a full success, Lisa! A great idea, beautifully carried out. Did you experiment with different shutter speeds? Which did you use for this one?

    1. That’s good to hear Gary πŸ™‚ Yes, trying to slow down shutter speeds but was very bright and only had a polarising filter with me. From memory about 1/8th at 100 ISO

  2. I like the experiment – I have a shot that I worked on that I’m toying with posting – a very abstract expressionist piece from the trolley graveyard series – your post has gotten me to thinking I may actually show it – Nice to break out of our regular shooting/processing. This is a good one Lisa!

  3. An experiment in speed also? Fabulous! I wouldn’t have recognised them as Gum Trees…more tropical! As others have said, very painterly. Id say an apparently radical and highly successful departure from your usual style, but completely successful too. Doubt less. Post more!!

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