Puddle Ice – Monochrome Madness.

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This is the last image I will post for now taken during the sub-zero morning we had a week ago.  It’s a puddle with many frozen layers which created these beautiful patterns (and the wonderful physics I can only start to understand) .  It is an image which I both like and dislike, it was difficult to capture as there were many layers of ice of different opacity and sharpness but I liked the overall pattern. This is my entry for the 24th Monochrome Madness Challenge posted on Leanne Cole’s blog, initiated by Leanne and Laura Macky.  Thanks to Leanne for her precious time and effort that goes into the challenge 🙂

puddle ice1

28 Replies to “Puddle Ice – Monochrome Madness.”

  1. I agree with LD (above) – there is no way I could have know what your subject matter was. Great capture and vision for grabbing this shot. I can only guess at how cold you were trying to get this shot taken. But for me, it was worth the effort put into it.

  2. It actually looks like amoebas or living cells massed together. Nature uses the same efficient design everywhere. What a great capture.

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