Black ice?!!

Another image taken from the exceptionally hard frost last Sunday and my entry for the 23rd Monochrome Madness Challenge –  a frozen blackberry stem…The challenge initiated by Laura Macky (wishing her well) and Leanne Cole (curator) is a weekly smorgasbord of monochrome images from photographers all over the world and published Wednesday mornings (AEST) on Leanne’s blog 🙂

bramble stalk

Click for more detail, taken handheld.


27 Responses to “Black ice?!!”

  1. rigoniman

    Stunning! I took some photos of our olive trees in the snow last friday, very striking. I’m loving this years chill. Your photo of the ice crystals was beautiful.

  2. infraredrobert

    Another great image depicting the frost. Here in the States, we have black ice – it is when the road has a coating of lice on it so thin that you cannot tell you are on icy pavement until it is too late.

  3. Robyn G

    Fabulous capture Lisa. Brilliant detail.
    Another great icy macro 🙂
    That really was a hard frost. We’re just not getting them like this, this year… but I’ll keep hoping 🙂
    I really enjoy these shots… You just want to keep looking.. So much to see!

      • Robyn G

        Me too.. Thanks 🙂
        The crystals were only about half the length of yours, but hey… Its frost! Yay!
        Gee you’ve really had some cold weather!

  4. Adrian Lewis

    Beautiful, and with great detail. I can also see it rotated 90 degrees clockwise, or maybe horizontally flipped and then rotated. Good stuff! Adrian

    • lisakimmorley

      Cheers Adrian, captured the detail as had frozen very early the previous evening so quite thick crystals and got to them before the sun did 🙂

  5. krikitarts

    Just wonderful, LIsa! Fortune favors the prepared, and it surely shone on you for your foresight in arising early. I’ve long been a fan of studies of ice crystals in their myriad forms, and this is a beaut!


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