Silhouettes in the fog…

This image sums up the last few weeks of weather for me – foggy, damp and cold.  I took this on my way home from work last week with only about an hour left of any daylight and the fog getting thicker by the minute, manually focused as the camera struggled.  There were trees that I had never noticed before, all in beautiful silhouette because of the fog 🙂

Click for more detail.



27 thoughts on “Silhouettes in the fog…”

  1. I like this, Lisa. The silhouettes work well and are very beautiful, and their dissolving off into the mist adds to it. I might have gone down the wrong road here and made the sky darker – your leaving it white is a really good idea. Adrian

  2. I like the layering in this, created by the fog. Almost like a double exposure. And as you so rightly say it has allowed trees in the foreground to stand out and not be lost in the clutter of the background. A very well seen shot Lisa

  3. This is fabulous – and my favourite photographic conditions! The trees have lovely strong shapes, and all so different which adds interest. The composition is great and high contrast B&W the perfect choice. Beautiful!

  4. A shot with two objects at the opposing farside rarely works, I think.
    But this one surely does. Even almost feels like an oriental painting. 🙂

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