Bringing work home…

Well, not literally!  I thought I would share a view that I look at most days during the week.  I have been wanting to capture the curve of the hill and trellis system for ages and now that the vines have lost their canopy the curve is easier to see.  This is the largest block of the vineyard (about 9 acres) and has a different trellis system to the other blocks. It slopes down towards the west and the curve is more pronounced on this eastern side.  I used a longer lens to compress the view (each row is about 220 metres long). These vines are now ready to be pruned – beats working in an office for me 🙂

row 47
Taken at 155 mm. Click for detailed view.


14 thoughts on “Bringing work home…”

  1. You’ve captured the planning and activity that goes into shaping such a lamdscape. It takes years of skilled attention to produce such a photo.

  2. Good shot of your office – much better than mine would be…I like the use of the longer lens to give more emphasis on the undulating vines than a wider angle of view would yield. B&W was the way to go with this one as well.

  3. I find this photo immensely satisfying on so many levels, the choice of B/W, the symmetry, the use of blur and focus, all contribute to a real conversation here of the landscape and in the landscape. These and of course many more reasons make this one of those compelling photos. Love it!

  4. This image captures the precision of vine planting – I see a lot of this in the Rhone valley in Switzerland. Great composition – the undulation of the site and that thin film of mist hugging the ground in the far distance.

    1. Thanks Andy, I just found your comment in the spam bin! Funnily enough, one of the owners began his inspiration for planting a vineyard whilst living in Switzerland 🙂

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