Wet and dry….

Another image from our trip away.  I am endlessly fascinated by patterns made by wind or sea in the sand.  The tide was coming in for this shot and this is just one pattern made by a single wave on the sand..  🙂


16 Responses to “Wet and dry….”

  1. infraredrobert

    Simple and beautiful – I do like nature’s abstracts – this was here just for this moment, never to be repeated again…much like each of us.

    • lisakimmorley

      Thank you and very well put! I have another ‘sandscape’ to post – my husband is very patient with the endless stopping to look at things 🙂

      • infraredrobert

        A partner who is understanding is most important. My wife is very easy going when we travel – she completely understands my stopping ever 1/4 mile or so when we are out. Sometimes she exits the vehicle other times she just sits and waits. I’m a pretty fast shooter though 🙂

    • lisakimmorley

      Thanks very much. I know exactly what you mean – I spent ages looking at all the little contours and burst bubbles 🙂

  2. Adrian Lewis

    Incredible, and beautiful, picture. Had you not explained it, I’d have had no idea as to the subject. I’d probably be thinking about the froth on coffee! Adrian

  3. Lynne Ayers

    A really interesting shot. The contrast, the pattern and shapes and the texture all work so beautifully together.


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