Waratah Bay Sunrise.

In the last few days we managed to get a couple of nights away at the coast.  We stayed at Waratah Bay which is near Wilsons Prom, the most southern point of mainland Australia.  Today I was rewarded with an amazing sunrise.  I had checked the tide times and knew high tide would be about 2 hours before first light – perfect!  This image was taken about 15 minutes before actual sunrise….  🙂

sunrise 1
As always, click for a larger view

16 thoughts on “Waratah Bay Sunrise.”

  1. How beautiful is that! Some moments should last for hours. But if they can’t…have a camera.
    Thank you for sharing this pic. I’ll look at it each morning of the long winter.

    1. Thanks Robert. Glad you liked the water – was exactly what I was after. I’d watched the reflections on our first afternoon there and hoped for a colourful sunrise one of the mornings – mother nature didn’t disappoint! Metered for the sky so not very long, about a second from memory. I should get delivery of your book today hopefully 🙂

      1. Good – thanks for the information on the shot – that time seems about right enough blur to do what you did, not so much so to make the water have no detail in it. Regarding the book – I’m curious for your feedback. Also, as I would like to sign it (but that is not practical) send me a postal address and I have a postcard with a book image on it – I’ll send that you you N/C if you would like.

  2. Love the dreamlike, slightly-wavy reflections in the water! I’m not quite sure if they’re due to ripples from the mouth of a nearby stream or wet sand and very shallow water. Beautiful composition, Lisa!

  3. I’ve spent a bit of time looking at this upside down and it’s just as amazing, I’m lost in it

    another great moment captured Lisa

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