Harvest time is here….

A quick post as very busy times now. Not the best of images but thought I would share what I see and think about most of the time at the moment!  The weather is proving difficult – after months of no rain and now when we need it dry, there are periodic days of wetness or drizzle. Today was a beautiful day with a good pick.  This is a bunch of Pinot Noir taken last week after heavy fog.


4 Responses to “Harvest time is here….”

  1. infraredrobert

    Ah! My favorite wine…I grew up in grape country along the shore of Lake Erie (in the USA) and I can almost smell the fragrance of the grapes, ready for harvest from this images.

    • lisakimmorley

      Funnily enough one of my favourites too lol! You would know well enough then what an exciting time it is, seeing the results of the past 12 months work 🙂

  2. matty be

    fantastic contrast in this picture Lisa, it almost has a furriness that gives it physical texture.

    beautiful !


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