Down to the wire…

Hello everyone, I trust all is well 🙂  The image I am posting is from last weekend when we had temperatures down to -5C.  I am always astounded by the beauty of the formation of ice crystals and so this image is of hoar frost on barbed wire.  I also discovered this week that when you try and catch up on the reader, WordPress will actually prevent you from liking when you respond to ‘too many’ posts so apologies to those I have not ‘liked’, but I have seen and appreciated them all 🙂  Click in for a more detailed image.

Click for a better view


14 Responses to “Down to the wire…”

  1. Matty Be

    Lisa, you’ve captured the beauty of nature here. Always amazing, well done

  2. Vicki

    It certainly was cold up your way, Lisa 🙂 It seemed bad enough down in Melbourne, but it warms up quickly enough here.
    Love the image of the frost on the barbed wire, especially with the dark background revealing the small details.

  3. Adrian Lewis

    Beautiful shot, my friend. While you are freezing, we are in (the usual) rather halting and uncertain English “summer”! 🙂

  4. LB

    This is one of my favorite finds in the winter. Barbed wire AND frost. Nicely captured!


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