A moment of beauty…

Hello everyone.  It has been very cold here, winter has arrived.  The image I am sharing on another sad and unthinkable day for London and the UK,  is one I took a few weeks ago.  I saw this dragonfly at sunrise which was still in it’s cold slumber from the night before and was fascinated by the glass like beads of dew on the wings and the magnification in the drops on it’s eye.  Enjoy.

click in for a larger view

22 thoughts on “A moment of beauty…”

  1. Stunning shot. You’ve captured the dew brilliantly.

    (yes, a very sad day for London & the U.K. And on another note, I was only saying to my brother, who’s off to Italy this week, that Italy seemed pretty safe…..and then there’s the stampede with the sporting crowd thinking the firecracker(?) was something more ominous).

  2. Wonderful image, Lisa, almost surreal. Yes, another sad and unthinkable day here, and a General Election on Thursday – there are many, many uncertainties here at the moment, a very worrying time indeed.

  3. Chilly mornings ahead.
    Sheesh Lis, however do you keep finding such exquisite things & capture them so,
    well . . . . . . . . . Exquisitely!!!! It’s once again, just beautiful 👍😃

  4. Great shot Lisa. Amazing how these tiny little droplets sit beautifully spaced along the edge of the wing. You’ve got a great eye for these little wonders.

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