I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….

Even after 13 years of Christmas in the southern hemisphere, I still miss the cold and dark of a British Christmas.  Today we went to Musk, near Daylesford for what has become our annual tradition to buy our Christmas tree from the same Christmas tree farm.  In total opposite to the UK, the day was sunny, with blue skies and I was in a t-shirt…just the thing for an image in near infrared 🙂

xmas tree 1a

Taken on converted Nikon D90 in near IR. Click for better view


21 Responses to “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….”

  1. Photobooth Journal

    My god! Is that a real photo? Those trees are perfect. Daylesford is a gorgeous part of the world. How wonderful that you moved from the UK to somewhere so fabulous!

      • Photobooth Journal

        I had no idea the places like this existed. The type of real Christmas tree that I know of, is the scraggly mess lying on the side of the ground on a highway, that is being sold to raise money for the scouts etc!

  2. Adrian Lewis

    Excellent image, Lisa, very striking! As well as all the bright areas and the dark sky, I really like the circular black shadows below the trees – they have a really surreal look. I recall sunny Christmases in Kenya too – they were very pleasant, with Christmas dinner outside etc, but they seemed a little unreal. Adrian

  3. Lisa Long

    Hi Lis. Some people will do anything for a white Christmas! Very clever. All the best for the season .

  4. LB

    I, too, am dreaming of a cold, white Christmas!! Fingers crossed but not hopeful …
    Love the image!

  5. Noeline Smith

    You’re winning me over with IR! 🙂 These are a great subject and the ‘white christmas’ result works really well.
    This year we won’t even have a cold Christmas …. mild, grey and muddy 😦

    • lisakimmorley

      Hello Noeline, and thank you 🙂 We’ve just endured a record heat wave as we shouldn’t get these temps until Jan or Feb…hope you have a good one whatever the weather brings 🙂


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