Hello again everyone!  It is good to be doing a post again 🙂  This image was taken about two weeks ago as one of the last of the finished 2015 Pinot Noir ferments was being pressed off the skins at work.  I used a longer exposure to capture the ‘trails’ of juice as it splashed into the press tray using the available light from an open door.  The fermented wine is now safely in French oak barrels where it will mature for another two years 🙂

pinot pressing a
Click in for a larger view


24 Replies to “Pressing Pinot…”

  1. Wonderful image, Lisa, I love all the movement here, and the colours too, including those hazy greens at top left. Strange to hear you say “at work”, rather different from the 9-5 office I suppose but, of course, work it is. And you are into autumn now whereas its our spring – and I’m very glad to be able to tell you that this past winter was nothing like as wet as the previous one, so that the Somerset Levels were not hit again by floods. Adrian

    1. Thank you as always. I think I would find it very very difficult to go back to an office environment. Yes autumn is here but has been a funny one so far – none of the normal wonderful sunny days, very dry but overcast. Good to hear from you!

  2. Welcome back Lisa….a great explosion of pinot….so artfully captured……a huge vintage this year I hear ?…..we enjoyed a bottle of one of your 2009 vintages this week….looking forward to more of your beautiful photos

  3. Hi Lisa, the photo is great! I’m not sure I would have guessed the story …but I’m happy to do a tasting sometime 🙂

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