Hello! 🙂  I’ve been absent again and being realistic, with harvest about a month away I’m likely to be sporadic with posts for a while longer.  Apologies to comments I haven’t replied to and people whose posts I would like to comment on…BUT I did manage this entry for MMC 50 on the ever hard working Leanne Cole’s blog! (Published tomorrow AEDT)   Taken last weekend in very hot and thundery weather, I saw these old and broken power poles – the surreal starkness reminding me almost of a Dali painting 🙂

broken line
Click in twice for more detail. Processed in SEP2 with a red filter.


23 Replies to “Power cut….”

  1. Lovely image – very Daliesque! It’s a surreal scene and your conversion to mono was absolutely the right choice – and well done too.
    Am I seeing things or is there someone partially buried right in the foreground?!

    1. Thank you. It’s funny you say that about the partially buried person – I took another image in landscape orientation from the left which was scattered with a various bits of sheep skeleton remains. I decided maybe that was too macabre for this post!

  2. Lisa, this is my most favourite picture of yours ever !

    I’m thinking so much my favourite I want to spend money on it, we’ll talk

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