A matter of perspective…

This was taken last week in one of the Chardonnay blocks at work – the lush green canopy was just too perfect not to take in near infrared 🙂

Robyn from Captivate Me included me in the B&W Challenge where you post 5 consecutive B&W images and nominate a person to take up the challenge with each post, so this is my Day 5 of 5  (lol – I got there eventually!!).  In turn, today I am nominating earthSTILLS.  I must stress, this is NOT a have to participate challenge but something that might be fun, but only if you have the time and/or inclination and feel comfortable with it.

93 infrared

Taken on a modified Nikon D90. Click for a larger view.



5 Responses to “A matter of perspective…”

  1. Robyn G

    Oh this is perfect! That sky against the vines and everything..is breath taking 😃😃
    Beautiful. Glad you made it. Thanks for playing along Lisa.

  2. JUDE

    A great perspective …..the vines look amazing in (near) infrared


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