On a grand scale….

It’s early spring here in southern Oz and the weather can be very dramatic!  I took this on my way home from work last Tuesday – 5 minutes before the thunder and hail was so bad we had to pull over due to no visibility and localised flash flooding…then I saw this scene 🙂  A little unnerving as new thunder cells to my left and behind me rumbling away, but in front of me this passing cell with HUGE boiling clouds – I felt very small 🙂

newham storm
A small shaft of sunlight illuminated these magical clouds…As always click for larger view.


31 thoughts on “On a grand scale….”

      1. I did see the damage on the TV news as I’d been at home and concentrating on writing that day.

        But….when I went for a walk in the Botanic Gardens, I was both shocked and surprised at some of the big trees blown down or even, young saplings half broken off and bending down to their roots. I hadn’t felt the impact of the high winds until I saw the evidence outdoors.

  1. Absolutely beautiful – and its good, educational even, to feel small in such a way – for we are small and, in the reality of things, we exist for the blink of an eyelid. I can remember being really frightened by vast storm clouds both on Skye and high in the Western Alps, and those feelings have stayed with me for decades. A

    1. Thank you and I agree! We have our fair share of scary thunderstorms here (and really scary ones when we were in Queensland) but I’m always drawn to watch them. Last year a property very close to ours got a lightening strike – the noise was incredible 🙂

  2. Perfect perfect, visual description of the way things are!
    Very grand indeed. So glad you braved the weather for this one.
    Hope your week off was great!! 🙂

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