End of a row…

…and nearly the end of pruning!  I apologise again for not having been on WordPress and liking or commenting on posts.  This is a snapshot of my working day at the moment – we will finish the major pruning this Thursday 🙂 🙂  Some interesting facts that went through my head the other day…approx 22,500 vines to prune but a double canopy so equivalent of 45,000 and each vine has four arms (cordons) held down by a total of 90,000 cable ties which takes around 3 months labour as all done by hand!!

Also my entry for MMC week 28 hosted and curated by Leanne Cole.

98 pruning end b&w

As always, click in for a larger view.


27 Responses to “End of a row…”

  1. infraredrobert

    Nice shot and view of your “office”. Growing up in grape country, I know just how much hand work there is to keeping a vineyard healthy and productive. Good to hear from your Lisa 🙂

  2. Robyn G

    It is good to hear from you and love the image!
    Wishing you a finish really soon. A mammoth task and hopefully satisfying when done.

  3. Steve Scott

    I like the way that the clouds ‘conspire’ to contribute to the magnetic perspective. Great timing. now put away your camera and grow our wine 😉

  4. matty be

    This picture should be called “The start of the empty wine bottle”

    One my favourite pictures you have taken to date

  5. JUDE

    Great perspective Lisa……and I know that your hard effort definitely shines in the bottle.

    • lisakimmorley

      Thanks Andy – it isn’t as monotonous as you might think, each vine is different and you get to see some amazing wildlife, but yes I am glad we have finished!


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