First Light – Monochrome Madness

I really enjoy seeing the work of others in the Monochrome Madness Challenge hosted by Leanne Cole.   Here is my offering for this week.  I haven’t had very much experience doing longer exposures in digital and something I would like to do more of.  This was a shot from our trip to the coast last month taken on the first morning where rain quickly followed and the sunrise didn’t really happen.  The second day was much more successful for a colour image and can be seen here.

First light wp

31 thoughts on “First Light – Monochrome Madness”

  1. wow, I just had a rollercoaster experience at my desk………………..I just did it again 🙂

    great picture Lisa

  2. Great atmosphere i that image, Lisa. Monochrome Madness is a great idea of Leanne’s. I guess she’s a very popular photographer in Australia judging by her ‘following’.

    1. Thanks Andy. It is a good thing that Leanne and also Laura Macky have set up, a lot work involved receiving the emails, moderating all the comments and such like.

    1. Thanks Adrian, glad you like it – I want to do more and am drooling over a wide angle Big Lee Stopper for day time images..I’ve tried stacking my current ND filters but the vignetting is just terrible 🙂

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