A million bubbles!

Last week I went back to Lauriston Reservoir to take some images of the other side of the spillway, but the roar of water caught my attention.  One of the sluice gates was open and I found myself nearly hypnotised by the cascade of water hitting a structure that covers a massive tap. Taken with the tripod as high as it would go, me on tip toes, and this milky effect produced by tiny bubbles – please click in to see more detail.

click for more detail

12 thoughts on “A million bubbles!”

  1. Good shot from your tip toes…I know what you mean by being hypnotized by falling water. Happens every time I stand over Niagara Falls and watch the water flow.

  2. Great shot, amazing the detail at close up! Makes you want to explore every detail of this photo. Amazing the wonders of nature!

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