Such a perfect tree…

Yesterday was an overcast day with many heavy rain clouds rolling in (for us winter isn’t far away) when I spotted this tree up on a hill. Β It’s shape was so perfect… πŸ™‚

tree a

34 Responses to “Such a perfect tree…”

  1. Steve

    Beautiful, nature is the greatest inspiration and you it just is with your camera.

  2. infraredrobert

    Very nice, great tone and detail – this illustrates when it is perfectly OK to throw the “rule of thirds” out the window. Great shot even if it was not a good day…now I have the Kate Bush song in my head for the remainder of the day (Running Up That Hill)

  3. krikitarts

    I’m with Adrian (yet again)–the symmetrical format perfectly reflects the perfect symmetry of the tree!

  4. Festive Factory

    Certainly worthy of capture as symmetry like this is quite rare in nature I think. Indeed the technique honours the content perfectly. Great Photo!


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