Palace of bales?

Again very time poor (but who isn’t?) so another image from Pyalong taken last week.  When I saw this hay shed, the structure reminded me almost of a Roman villa or palace with columns but stuck in this quite alien landscape of bleached parched land…

DFF_2081-palace of bales
Processed using an orange filter and cyanotype toning


9 thoughts on “Palace of bales?”

  1. The columns are really striking, Lisa, and I salute your imagination. The triangle formed by the roof and the top of the door reinforces the Greco-Roman allusion. And the monochrome rendition is just right!

  2. Hi Lisa! You’re right about the Roman feel, but your mention of “alien” rings stronger bells with me. To me the image has an unreal feel, otherworldly would describe it better. The fence takes my eye in to the shed which is sitting there mute and without explanation, and the various trees and other objects scattered over the backdrop seem haphazard, without reason for their positioning. I find it all going towards the surreal, and I like it a lot. Adrian

  3. Thanks very much Adrian. I like the way you describe the shed as ‘mute’ – perfect. I have one more to post from this set I took which is also very much on the surreal side of things 🙂

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