Austr-alien flower!

Whilst the northern hemisphere is experiencing heatwaves, here down under, winter continues on for a little longer (which I confess I enjoy!).  I saw these flowers at the greengrocer on Saturday and was immediately drawn by the incredible red and what seems an almost alien form.  These are Banksia coccinea, and are native to the south coast of Western Australia.   The many forms of different Banksia amaze me with each flower head made up of many individual flowers.

Red b&w Yellow 2 Whole

11 thoughts on “Austr-alien flower!”

  1. Remarkable! These are such beautiful photos. thank you Lisa, I’ve never seen these flowers so crisp and clearly…even when I had good eyes.

  2. Seeing this close clarity I would love also to see time-lapse growth. These are so so interesting and I think it would be fun to show the first two photos to someone out of context and without reference to see if they could be identified as flowers. As taphian suggests…what else could it be?

  3. This Banksia could be the Symbol for today’s Science and Technology! You really have something special here. Excellent photography too! As a floral designer I work with some varieties even here in Victoria, Canada so I have a great appreciation for these exotic forms.

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