‘I wandered lonely as a cloud…’

Last week I got to see paddocks full of Daffodils – hence the title which is of course from William Wordsworth.  Many thanks to Gus, who owns the property and to my friend Liz for taking me there!  Taken very late afternoon, just before sunset.

daf2 daf3 daf4 daf5 daf7

Mother Nature’s Sculpture..

I often come come home with bits of vines in my clothing during the pruning season – they are incredibly tough, I kept this one in my pocket for the day.  This is a lignified (gone woody) tendril, and what ever angle you looked at it, it was beautiful  The curls are due to them holding onto the trellis wires.

tendril2a tendril3 tendril1a

Austr-alien flower!

Whilst the northern hemisphere is experiencing heatwaves, here down under, winter continues on for a little longer (which I confess I enjoy!).  I saw these flowers at the greengrocer on Saturday and was immediately drawn by the incredible red and what seems an almost alien form.  These are Banksia coccinea, and are native to the south coast of Western Australia.   The many forms of different Banksia amaze me with each flower head made up of many individual flowers.

Red b&w Yellow 2 Whole

Hellebore Heaven!

This weekend has been wet, dark and quite miserable.  Today we went to visit Post Office Farm Nursery owned by a friend who is a Hellebore specialist.   The nursery is open on Sundays during winter when the plants are at their peak.   I have to admit the weather was not ‘macro friendly’ with high winds and rain so I shall be going back before the flowering season ends.  They are beautiful plants with so many different colours and forms.double dark primrose yellow dark black double picotee pink

Frozen in time..(well at least for this morning!)

Today we had one of the first real big frosts of the year.  The crystals get better as winter goes on but this was a good start! Most of these were taken around dawn so low light levels.

Fence 1
Wooden fence
After the melt.
dandelion clock
Frozen clock.
Peeling bark
nasturtium leaf
Nasturtium leaf.

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