How many can YOU see?!!

I’ve often seen large flocks of Corella but nothing quite like this before!  The photos were taken on the banks of the Loddon River at Newbridge, north central Victoria.  It felt like there were hundreds of them, filling several very large trees and the noise was so loud! (Click to enlarge for the best view).

Corella tree
Sheer numbers!
Corella flight
Corella branch
Out on a limb!
Any room left?

The point of the story

Today I came across an Echnida (Tachyglossus aculeatus) on the side of a quiet dirt road from Baynton to Kyneton in central Victoria.   On one hand it is like a hedgehog or an ant eater, but on the other hand, it is nothing like them. It is one of the last two egg laying mammals in Australia,  the other is the Platypus (which we do see here, though very rarely).

Echnida face Echinna Spines 2 Echidna 4       

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