Sunset on the Mount

In my last post I described how disappointing the sunset was on Mount Macedon due to a thick band off fog/cloud that rolled in just before the actual sunset.  Here is another image taken about 5 minutes before. This is looking over the tops of some very tall gum trees..


Golden hour

A few days ago I went to Mount Macedon to capture the sunset.  As is the wonderfully fickle weather here, a band of thick fog rolled in just as the sun was setting.  However, about 15 minutes before, the light was wonderfully gentle.  I liked the golden hues on the grass through the gum trees

rays through the bush

A busy butterfly!

This was taken at the Butterfly House at Melbourne Zoo last month.  What caught my eye was the seemingly prolific number of eggs she was laying (though I’m sure not all were hers)!  Click in for more detail – there are a couple of Mealy Bugs on the plant too.

butterfly eggs

Natural Density Filter!!

Yesterday was a very cold spring morning.  The temperature of the dam water would have been considerably higher than the air temperature so it was almost like a steaming bath.  The result was the rising sun being filtered through a haze –  brings a whole new meaning to ND filter…

fog & sun

Ice, ice baby…

We have a frost protection system at work which operates by means of overhead sprinklers.  The longer the temperature remains below freezing, the bigger and more dramatic the ice formations.  Last Thursday night the early end of winter had a sting in its tail….

The background shows the fine mist created by the sprinklers
End of trellis wires and posts
The long formation is a piece of string!

‘I wandered lonely as a cloud…’

Last week I got to see paddocks full of Daffodils – hence the title which is of course from William Wordsworth.  Many thanks to Gus, who owns the property and to my friend Liz for taking me there!  Taken very late afternoon, just before sunset.

daf2 daf3 daf4 daf5 daf7

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