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Hello! I hope everyone has had a good week – it is cold and wet here, very wintry.  This image was taken late afternoon after a brief but intense thunder storm whilst we were staying at Johanna Beach near Cape Otway last month.  The storms that came later that night were incredibly dramatic with lightening that lasted hours.

6 Replies to “Between the storms.”

  1. Hello, Lisa – its strange, one of my (many???) mental blocks, but I find it hard to imagine cold times in Australia, I suppose in my mind’s eye its perpetually hot and sunny there. This is a striking shot, my friend, beautiful. Hope that getting out with the camera is enjoyable.

    We are taking our first, tentative steps towards summer >>> and I’m just hoping that last year’s roasting temperatures will not recur. How are things? Adrian 🙂

  2. I was thinking of you this past week and imagined you might have even had snow on Wednesday of this last week, Lisa.
    It was so cold in Melbourne, I thought it would be freezing up your way.

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