Seaside Garland.

Hello to everyone!  As I have often remarked on this blog, I am constantly amazed by the patterns in nature.  I found this garland of different seaweeds on the foreshore which appears to have been shaped by the tide – there were no signs of disturbance in the sand, and I was so happy with my discovery 😀 😀 I love the beauty of the different shapes, textures and contrasting colours.

8 thoughts on “Seaside Garland.”

  1. What an interesting shape. So hard to imagine a simple tide could have shaped it into a garland like that. I always imagine seaweed to be pretty much row upon row.

  2. Such a joy to see Beauty washed up. A wonderful contrast to tragics often shown washed up in recent years.

  3. If only I could find that kind of beauty over here on the Limestone Coast near our house at Southend! I’d love to take you along our coastline to see it through your magical detailed eyes.

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