An autumnal kaleidoscope…

Hello again everyone 🙂  My harvest at work went very well – a good tonnage of very clean fruit which is now in the care of the skilled winery guys.  As you can imagine, I haven’t had a lot of time to take images but I did get to visit Duneira Estate today  which is is now in full autumn glory today.  A wonderful site to visit 🙂  This image is a double exposure taken ‘in camera’ of a full transition of autumn colour from green through to red 🙂

leaf multiple

20 thoughts on “An autumnal kaleidoscope…”

  1. The strength in bones & spines & structures with the beautiful colours & almost feathers is stunning as usual (& makes me miss Autumn in the Macedon Ranges!) Wonderful & beautiful. Thank you

  2. Such a lovely photo – the colours are gorgeous and the shape of the leaves as well. Feels a bit strange commenting on a autumn photo when we have just reached spring and flowers starting to pop up on my end of the world:)

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