Avenue of Honour – in Autumn…

Hello again to everyone!  A good harvest is safely in (our earliest ever) and now it seems  autumn may be early – everything is out of step.  I took this image yesterday, the Avenue of Honour in Macedon.  I’ve taken an image of this road before (click for link), last time in spring on my converted Nikon D90 in near infrared.  I may be a week too soon for the colours but still very beautiful 🙂

avenue of honour autumn 2

As always click for a larger view

20 Responses to “Avenue of Honour – in Autumn…”

    • lisakimmorley

      Hello LD, yes the colours at this time of year near where I am are lovely – a lot of the big English style gardens open up for weekends too 🙂

  1. Nature on the Edge

    Gorgeous in full view, the leaves are turning nicely. I was interested to read the link on the history of the avenue. A fitting remembrance to those who fell.

  2. Kalangadoo Rach

    Well now you just made me miss you and the area even more!
    Beautiful as usual x

  3. Vicki

    I love that avenue and used to enjoy it even more when I still had a car (pre 2003) and used to drive up that way.

  4. LensScaper

    It is always a struggle mentally to realize that Autumn is happening south of the Equator as we enter Spring. Beautiful colours.

    • lisakimmorley

      Yes – it’s funny as even though I’ve been down here for 15 yrs, I still think that Christmas is the next big event coming as the days get shorter!!

  5. vera ersilia

    These images of mature or maturing tree in alleys always bring to me a deep-set feeling of ‘peace in the land’ – the nurture and protection that we CAN give nature.


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