It is now officially winter down here in Oz and this last week was cold, dark and foggy (maximums of 6 C which for us is cold!).  I like the fog and the silhouettes it creates – these are evergreen Eucalyptus trees.  This is my submission for MM 2-14 hosted by the ever hard working Leanne Cole on Wednesdays – do have a look for a wonderful variety of monochrome images.

fog trees
Click on the image for the best view


31 Replies to “Fog in the forest….”

      1. Oh… the first cooling will take place in July, if we get a decent monsoon. Till then, it is heat, with a hot, burning wind

      2. Thanks! Yeah. June is the worst month of the year. I am not a hot weather person, so this is a terrible month for me. The sky is dull with smog as well.

        I also discovered that Delhi, where I live, is now the most polluted city in the world. I seem to have a strange choice in my hometown..

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Lisa! I love the way the tones become paler in the backdrop, and there’s a wonderful luminescence in the sky above. Right up there with your best. So your winter has started? Well here, in what should be “flaming June”, its sunny alright but there is a stiff north wind – walking today, I was decidedly chilly notwithstanding a hat and pullover! English weather!!! 🙂 Adrian

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