Forest floor: 3

I must say I do admire people who post daily – it’s a huge effort!  Well, here is day 3…I liked these specimens for their elegance. I went back a second time after it had been raining and did enjoy lying on my stomach in very wet undergrowth, delighting in this ‘other world’ of such diverse and delicate beauty 🙂

From the Mycena genus? Click in for more detail 🙂


18 thoughts on “Forest floor: 3”

  1. The stomach thing is a large part of what makes it so fun to be so close to our subjects. I have a good (Hoodman) right-angle finder that makes it possible to have the camera flat on the ground and look down into it rather than having to get your eye to the viewfinder, and at times it’s an invaluable tool, but it’s still fun to get right down to ground level. Especially for those who share our fondness for fungi.

  2. Absolutely magical again!! I love those stomach shots too! And yes about the daily postings! Keeping up isn’t easy – at least for me. I have set myself to about 3 times a week these days.

  3. This is a lovely series – I can imagine the fun of exploring the woods and grovelling in the muck to get the best angle 🙂
    I must admit, I have absolutely no idea how people post every day – I’m struggling to post more than once a month at the moment!

  4. Absolutely right, get flat down on the ground and its another world. Very nice differential focusing here, and I like the way the image starts of low with corn colours and then blends up into greens. A

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