Forest floor: 1

Hello everyone 🙂  I apologise as once again I am behind with my reader!  I find a change in the seasons always brings fresh inspiration as new things forgotten for the past year re-appear.  For me this autumn has been all about fungi and I have been exploring the huge pine plantation near where I live after a ‘tip off’ from my friend Evan.  I have decided to do a daily series of different fungi, I’m afraid my knowledge as to their names is largely non-existent, but I hope you enjoy 🙂  All taken with natural light, the ISO is high in them all but I feel grainy quality suits the mood of the autumn forest floor.

egg yolk toadstool
‘Egg- yolk’ – click in for more detail


15 thoughts on “Forest floor: 1”

  1. Oh I like this, Lisa >>> but, first of all, there is absolutely no need for apologies >>> we are putting images out there, giving of ourselves in the hope that others will enjoy our output – and if we get a little behind with things, well that’s Life!!!

    And, also, don’t worry about the high ISO and graininess, just go for it! I use lower ISOs if I can, but if push comes to shove, up that ISO goes and to hell with what it will look like – better a grainy picture than no picture at all – I think the post I put out yesterday was 25,000 ISO.

    And this is a beautiful image, I can instantly see where the name comes from (just how sharp can I be!???); and I also like the “extra bits” – the insect and grass, and those little black specks on the fungus – they make this seem more real and living in a way, rather than an immaculate portrait. Good stuff! Adrian 🙂

    1. Well, firstly thank you for taking the time to leave this comment! Secondly, you are one of the photographers that has taught me not to worry about high ISO and with this set I actually managed to embrace it (with a little wince!). Thirdly, thank you as always for your encouraging words, very much appreciated 🙂

  2. Hey Lisa .. I love shots of fungi. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the names. This is special – I love the way the sides tip up. Nice colour too .. I some some red ones at home which you would like. Must take a pic today – even if it is raining 🙂

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