A Dragon’s Eye?!

Yesterday I visited a wonderful garden filled with many northern hemisphere specimens – I don’t know what this tree was but the trunk and bark where wonderful!  A macro abstract of this ‘eye’ in the trunk which made me think of a Dragon’s eye…  🙂

Dragon Eye
Click in for more detail..Moss, lichen and algae 🙂 🙂

24 thoughts on “A Dragon’s Eye?!”

  1. Wow! Not just the eye but the amazing skin of the dragon. How keen is your vision to spot this, truly a wonderful eye you have.

  2. Yes I see it 🙂 What a wonderful find Lisa!
    This tree would be now referred to as Wizard Wood – that which once was a dragon – from the stories of Robin Hobb.
    Love the way you see things 🙂

      1. She tells a fabulous imaginary tale 🙂
        Still so taken by this shot Lisa… great ‘seeing and capturing’ from you and a fun imagination. Love it!

  3. Yes, certainly, dragon’s eye – with bushy green eyebrows maybe. And I love the slightly washed out and certainly wrinkled, painterly look of this, you’ve done it very well. Here we are still warm!!! >>> out in the sun was like summer today, and temperature records for Halloween may well be broken – but the cold is forecast as on its way rapidly! Adrian

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