Purple Haze….

Well, I did go back to Alowyn Gardens for the flowering of the 100 Metre long Wisteria Avenue.  We were probably a week too early for the blooms to be at their best, but this was the only opportunity I had.  The smell was so heady, a real delight – and then the sound of the bees was wonderful 🙂  This wasn’t an easy shot, a very popular and busy garden and conditions that made exposure difficult – I think it was worth it though 🙂


As always click in for a larger view.


32 Responses to “Purple Haze….”

  1. Steve Scott

    “Haze” is the perfect word for this. The flowers seem to be falling like fireworks . Love it!

  2. Adrian Lewis

    Oh I love this, Lisa! I know quite what you’ve done with it – is it a low shutter speed letting the purples blur, or aren’t they blurred??? – but I think its just wonderful, getting over towards the otherworldly! Good stuff! Adrian

    • lisakimmorley

      Thanks Adrian. I think the blur effect is a product of the sheer number of individual blooms, I’ve seen other images of tunnels in Japan and they look like this.

  3. denisebushphoto

    Beautiful image Lisa! I like how the light is filtering thru the flowers. If the blooms were more full that might not have happened. Maybe you hit it just right!


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