Tall poppies!

Today we went back to Alowyn Gardens and they had swathes of poppies currently in bloom. Β My instinct was to get in the middle of them but it isn’t my garden so I stayed on the fringe and took images from the edge- still beautiful πŸ™‚


As always, click in for more detail.


Apologies as also I am behind in my reader – catch up day tomorrow πŸ™‚


15 Responses to “Tall poppies!”

    • lisakimmorley

      I’m glad you got a sense of being in the middle of them, some were about 70 cm (27 inch). It is a really busy garden and I had a few odd looks as I tried to get the angle I wanted!

  1. Steve Scott

    You must still have the smell of the earth in your nostrils. Great angle.

  2. Robyn G

    Love that you have incorporated the sky into this shot.
    Gives a real sense of the tallness.
    Poppies are one of my faves… Love this shot and fantastic pov!!


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