Snow in the woods…

I took this image yesterday after work at Mount Macedon (luckily for us only 10 minutes away).  I know that for people that get to experience winters much, much colder than ours, this image may seem unremarkable!  Where I live we frequently get sub zero temperatures in winter, but that means a very severe frost, not snow.  This lasted for over 24 hrs and since the last time I saw it like this was 2007, one of my first ever digital images of snow 🙂 🙂

snow in the woods


12 Responses to “Snow in the woods…”

  1. infraredrobert

    And a very good first digital capture too. The fallen, snow-covered branch center frame make this shot – otherwise having all verticals would have made the image too busy. Very nice Lisa!

    • lisakimmorley

      Thanks Robert, I totally agree, glad you liked it. I’ve just come back from walking – hardest frost I’ve seen for years – just waiting for camera to come up to room temp to see what I got today 🙂

  2. Robin S. Kent

    Wow, it’s always good to be reminded that a minor tilt of our planet has a markedly different effect depending on where you are standing.

  3. krikitarts

    So refreshing and inviting–provided one is prepared with the right footwear and insulation. I love walking in a fresh snow like this. Thank you!

  4. Adrian Lewis

    Beautiful image, Lisa. I particularly like the sinuous horizontal fallen branches cutting across all the other verticals, and also the browns and greens of the tree trunks – which confirm that this is by far better kept out of black and white! Adrian

  5. matty be

    well the snow was definitely worth waiting for and this image has captured the moment perfectly, love it


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