Little and large..

I was brought up on the coast in South Wales, UK and I do miss the sea, so visiting Anglesea was both strangely familiar and yet different.  Now living in mountain ranges in the southern hemisphere meant I ended up taking a lot of images that day – there was so much to see (and I didn’t have a macro lens when I lived in the UK)!!  There will be more to come…


Early morning with a haze

kelp ribbons

Kelp ribbons washed up on the tide-line

little shell

A tiny little shell in a rock – less than 3 mm in total

3 Responses to “Little and large..”

  1. Huw G Jones Images

    Beautiful seascape a bit bluer than Mumbles , but very familiar none the less. Salt water never quite leaves the veins 🙂 Lovely set of Photographs Lisa.

  2. Festive Factory

    Apart from the obvious beauty of these photos, I also love in the first image the subtle lines of demarcation by the variation of the ‘blues’ of the mountain range backdrop and adjourning subtly of the colour of the sky. Such a study in tonality, rhythm and joy! Thank you.
    I’m enjoy the quirky ‘face’ of the last image too. Would make a great puppet head!


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