A sunrise and ‘Skippy’!

It’s been a week of freezing cold overnight temperatures and the most amazing sunrises.  This sunrise was taken on Thursday with a 70-300 mm lens, I believe the temperature was about -4 C.  The distant ridge is one I see almost everyday and am fascinated by its varying silhouettes in different lights – Thursday was perfect if not a little surreal!  I went back today (you can view my other images on my recently created Facebook page – Lisa Kimmorley Photography) and found another individual waiting for the warmth of the sunrise!

Sunrise on Thursday
‘Skippy’ waiting for the sun!

2 thoughts on “A sunrise and ‘Skippy’!”

    1. No, though I understand why you thought that. The image isn’t very clear. It is rare for me to find one staying still for long enough (I have lots & lots of shots of them running away!) so I posted the pic anyway 🙂

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