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Hello again 🙂  Last week we made a return visit to stay at Johanna Beach which is near Cape Otway, part of The Great Ocean Road trail. Being the middle of winter the weather was very stormy with some very rough seas, which being from Swansea in the UK, I love. The sense of being a small part of a wild landscape is very thrilling 😀

8 Replies to “Stormy view”

  1. Beautiful picture, my friend, and especially so when enlarged – especially like the deep greens in the water >>> LOL! rather different from the Bristol Channel! And had forgotten or did not know you’re from Swansea – I was in the university there for 6 years long ago, living mainly in Uplands – and I’m an immense fan of Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood, tho never thought to go and look at his former home. Another thing this Somerset Lad (!) remembers about Swansea – boy, did it rain!!! A 🙂

    1. Hello, I know Uplands well, I didn’t realise you’d gone to Swansea Uni – funny we should both know these places (West Country, Bristol and Swansea area) so well – a good connection my friend 😀

  2. Love the dramatic seascape you’ve captured. Makes me all the more aware of what a wonderful country we live in and how lucky I am to call Australia home.

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