Within a hare’s breath…

Hello again 🙂  The weather has turned very cold in the last day or so which isn’t surprising – our official start  of winter is this coming Thursday and winter pruning starts this week at work.  The image today is from last summer which I found when looking for something else in the chaotic mess that is my hard drive and I realised I haven’t posted a black and white image for a long time!  I’m a little behind on my reader but am catching up.  Hope you enjoy 🙂

14 thoughts on “Within a hare’s breath…”

      1. Looks like very cold all week. I seem to have missed Autumn having been pretty much stuck indoors for the most part.

  1. Beautiful image, my friend – I don’t see enough hares, I seem to be seeing less of them. Summer is just starting – with great British uncertainty! – to creep in here, but as ever there seems to a lot of rain out in the Atlantic coming our way! 🙂

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