First light, first morning of winter….

Wednesday was the 1st of June and the first official day of winter here in Australia.  This last week has been cold – the day before saw dawn temperatures down to -4 C.  I took this image just before work at first light, a beautiful sky and the promise of a cold but good day 🙂

first winter sunrise 2016
Click in for a larger image.

22 thoughts on “First light, first morning of winter….”

  1. What a stunning shot. Serene with a vibrancy, a view I know in a different ‘light’. Glad you didn’t have the thick fog we had here the last 2 days & I definitely do NOT miss that kind of cold!

  2. Aren’t those colors amazing?
    As you enter winter, we in North America enter summer.
    I’ll look forward to your photos of winter as winter photography is one of my favorites!

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