Cloudy water?!

Autumn has been a bit odd this year – normally there are beautiful sunny days but this year has seen a lot of grey days and it is very dry. This image was taken last week, there was a frost and it turned out to be a beautiful day 🙂  This is a creek that runs into the dam and was taken literally as the sun was about to come up over the horizon.

cloudy water

Click in for a larger view



19 Responses to “Cloudy water?!”

  1. Steve

    Congratulations on this beautiful photo. Stunning! I want to build a hut with this view.

  2. Truels

    This is a very fine photo – of a lovely spot. And those clouds reflecting in the water looks great – and funny!

  3. Festive Factory

    Absolutely stunning and I find the slight dusting of frost on the paddocks surprising and delicate like the rest of the image.

  4. Adrian Lewis

    A really beautiful image, Lisa, made by that sky and those clouds and their reflections – I could very easily live with this on the wall. Adrian


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