I took this image on my way to work this morning – very cold (-1C) and watched the colour unfold as I was driving.  I saw this dam with the wonderful reflections of the (very large) lambs against the increasing fog and warm pre-sunrise light – I had to stop and get out with the camera 🙂

dawn dam 2
Another high ISO as taken handheld about 30 minutes before sunrise. Click in for larger view.


31 Replies to “A dam at dawn…”

  1. Oh now this is absolutely beautiful! What does it for me? The whole scene is beautiful – the silver water in the dam, the various silhouettes – but I think that, for me, that pale and diffuse, salmon pink haze on the horizon really lifts it up to greater heights. This could easily be on our living room wall! A

  2. Glad you stopped the car and pulled over for this one.This one is National Geographic worthy – great shot with the added bonus of the lambs – I love the light, reflection and composition. Beautiful!

    1. Am glad you liked it. It was one of those no brainers as soon as I saw it. I must have looked a bit strange though as had to park up off the road and run back before the light changed!

  3. So glad you stopped to take this. I love this time of day as the morning transitions from grey to colour. All of the reflections and layers in your composition are lovely!
    Such beauty!

      1. Pleasure.. I watch this transition most every morning.. I love the softness and beauty of it… Its better than coffee… Woooh, there’s a statement! You’ve captured it in your gorgeous photo! 🙂

  4. Yes, it is very beautiful, Lisa.
    Beautiful tonal range and very nice composition.
    I always miss those misty foggy mornings due to a late to bed, late to rise sleep cycle.

  5. Of course you had to stop! Love the delicate pastels, your tight crop, and the overall composition. I can clearly remember several occasions when I was on my way to work-related activities in your part of the world and was struck with a sudden magical natural offering around a corner and having to stop and savor the moment and try to capture some of its essence. I tried really hard not to dally when on a work-related mission, but sometimes that’s just not realistically possible. I am now eager to dig up a few more of these to share.

    1. Thanks Gary, now it’s becoming lighter again in the mornings it is getting easier to catch these moments as there is a point to leaving extra travel time. Look forward to seeing your images 🙂

  6. Pastoral, beautiful! I don’t know what O like best about it – the lambs, or their reflections, or that great tree, or the fog rolling in the valleys beyond or the sunset. Wow, Lisa!

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