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Crystal Forest..

Another shot taken in the heavy frost last week.  This is the top of a round timber fence post, again taken at sunrise…I liked the way the light caught the little needles of ice making this beautiful crystal forest 🙂


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Web and wires…

Last Tuesday was a glorious morning, the temperature about -4 C and a heavy frost.  It was slightly strange as it had warmed enough to start thawing and then as usual at first light, the temperature dropped, but this time dramatically and refroze everything.  This was taken just after sunrise with the first low rays of light.  I took a heap of images and have only just started sorting so there will be more to come 🙂

broken web1

Handheld and so high ISO


Peeling bark…

This is a gum tree going through its natural process of shedding bark.  Taken on a rainy day, a whole chunk had come away (you can see the stripes on the trunk behind), making this incredible natural sculpture. This is also my entry for the 21st Monochrome Madness Challenge initiated by Laura Macky along with Leanne Cole who is the curator.  Do take time to check out Leanne’s post if you haven’t already..

peeling bark

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Feathers in a flower…

Today I visited a new florist (Flowers in a Vase) and spent some time drooling over various stems and flowers.  I came away with a few different specimens which I spent the afternoon photographing with the macro lens 🙂  Here is the first, a type of Protea which is native to South Africa but apparently grows quite happily here in Australia.

white b

Taken using natural light

Hare’s looking at you…!

It hasn’t been a good few weeks for taking any new images (but I’m NOT going to go on about the weather 😯 ).  This is my image for this weeks Monochrome Madness Challenge which is curated by Leanne Cole.  I posted this image in colour last December, but always thought it might work in mono…so here is this beautiful hare – all eyes and ears but now in black and white 🙂

Hare B&W

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Weathered layers…

Yesterday I found this old tree trunk on its side, it has been there for years judging by how bleached and weathered it was.  I was fascinated by the effect of the weathering, creating waves of texture. Taken in, what seems at the moment, a rare window of sunshine!

wood knot 2

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Silhouettes in the fog…

This image sums up the last few weeks of weather for me – foggy, damp and cold.  I took this on my way home from work last week with only about an hour left of any daylight and the fog getting thicker by the minute, manually focused as the camera struggled.  There were trees that I had never noticed before, all in beautiful silhouette because of the fog 🙂


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Seashell – Monochrome Madness

So we enter yet another dismal week of weather 😦  This is my entry for this weeks Monochrome Madness Challenge hosted by Leanne Cole and Laura Macky….a great challenge where you get to see a heap of brilliant work in monochrome by a wide range of artists, do check it out.

I’m not entirely happy with my image, I’m rusty with my macro lens, especially putting it on a full frame camera again, but has been good to get it out and actually use it 🙂  Taken using natural light – please click on the image for more detail.

seashell macro 1