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Camel’s Hump…

I saw this the other day at the end of an afternoon with the sun low in the sky.  The scenery struck me as being very apt – the Camel’s Hump is a mamelon, formed about 6 million years ago when thick lava forced its way through a narrow vent…the clouds almost look like smoke from a volcano.

camels hump

…mmm I want a wider angle lens 🙂 


Light and dark…

During the year or with different seasons, there are certain times of day where the light is just magical to us all.  At this time for us in the southern hemisphere, sunrise is now getting later and later and the light is just simply beautiful…a moment captured in autumn 🙂

sunbeams on dam


Raindrop abstract…

Well, harvest is over and I’m nearly back!  I hadn’t realised with the house move and harvest on it’s tail just how exhausted I became.  Anyhow, what I have realised, is that when I don’t get to go out and take images, there is something missing 🙂  So, today is a total abstract, taken this morning in between showers.  The top of a capped fence with rain drops refracting light into a shaded area taken with the macro… 🙂

raindrop refract

Rainbow stripes.

This was taken last month, late,  on a very dull overcast afternoon at the  Lauriston Reservoir in Kyneton. This is the wall of the spillway, at the top there are sluice gates that open and so that in the residual run off, several different types of algae (or maybe a different age?) have grown producing these rainbow stripes.


Berry nice!

I promise not to bore you with pictures of grapes during my harvest, but….


… more Pinot Noir grapes. It is a sight I’ve seen so many times, but I always ‘see’ landscapes in the mounds of fruit. This time the stalks look like vine trunks….  🙂

Harvest time is here….

A quick post as very busy times now. Not the best of images but thought I would share what I see and think about most of the time at the moment!  The weather is proving difficult – after months of no rain and now when we need it dry, there are periodic days of wetness or drizzle. Today was a beautiful day with a good pick.  This is a bunch of Pinot Noir taken last week after heavy fog.